To obtain a MS-DOS prompt type the word Cmd in the Search dialogue box next to the Start button and then click Return.
If as on previous windows version there is not a Search dialogue box, right click on the Start box on the bottom left corner of your Window's screen to bring up the Start menu. In the this menu, left click on Run. Clicking on Run brings up a dialogue box. In the dialogue box type the word Cmd and then click on the OK button. Either of these actions will bring up the MS-DOS window.
You can type Window system and network commands into a MS-DOS prompt in Windows.
To set the MS-DOS window size, click on the Layout tag on the top bar of the property menu to display the Layout menu. This menu gives the options of setting the characterists of the MS-DOS window including the font and window size and position. To set the window size, look for the Window Size panel enter the required window size and click the OK button.

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