Connect your computer to the Internet with either Broadband or Dial-up by using one of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) .
  1. Broadband. Fast connection and always on at no extra cost other than monthly fee and initial installation cost, if any. Broadband gives fast, easy access to online news, business and stock exchange information, shopping, webcams, games and email. Broadband is also making multiplayer online games popular on the internet. Broadband connection can be via:-
    1. Telephone line where you can make telephone calls or use the FAX at the same time as using the Internet. There is a choice of connection of up to 10 times and 20 times faster than the speed of a standard dial-up. These speed are 5, 10 and 40 times the speed of ISDN. You will also find that different ISP's will provide additional services and content.

    2. Cable via a dedicated cable connection. It is up to 20 times faster than the speed of a standard dial-up.

  2. Dial-up. Basic internet connection over the telephone line, giving web access and use of email. Dail-up is much slower than broadband and a charge is made for the use of the telephone line for the period of the connection.

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Most popular Modems
WiFi Hotspot is a wireless network, range about 100 meters, that can link WiFi enabled handheld devices and laptops to a broadband internet connection and do so more effectively than with a mobile telephone.
ADSL is Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - it is the technology that provides broadband access to the Internet over your phone line. It splits the signal on your existing telephone line into two, one for voice and the other for data. The most popular services in the UK download information to the browser at speeds of 8Mbps (approx. 144 times faster than a dail-up modem) and higher can be obtained. Upload speeds are slower on all products and hence this is why it is "asymmetric", because the download speed is different to the upload speed.
TV Broadcasting & Reception

Both standard and high-definition (HD) signals are available broacast over the air can be received by an antenna.
To watch or receive a high-definiton signal, you will need a TV tuner card that supports a digital TV signal, such as DVB-T or ATSC.
If you are in the United States, you may need a Digital Cable Tuner device and a subscription to a digital cable provider in order to watch and record over-the-air high-definition TV.
Digital Video Broadcasting is the European standard for digital terrestrial TV. Windows Media Center supports DVB-T in all locales.
Quadrature Amplifier Modulation and is the digital cable standard in the United States. Window Medoa Center supports QAM signals with a Digital Cable Tuner in the United States.
Advanced Television Systems Committee have developed a new digital standard in the United States, Canadas Mexiceo and Korea have also adoped this standard. Window Medoa Center currently only supports ATSC for the United States.
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