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Velleman TV Tennis Kit Review! Bert the Stormtrooper Reviews!

Hello and welcome! Today Karmen and I are checking out a Velleman TV Tennis Kit that she built herself! Enjoy! Be sure to leave ...


Velleman TV Tennis Kit (with analog controls!)

Really neat kit from Vellerman where you can build a mini Pong machine! This kit features true analog controls for the paddles!


Assembling the Velleman MK150 Shaking Dice Kit

I got the MK150 shaking dice kit as a gift. Naturally I went straight to the soldering iron to assemble it. Will it smoke? Will it blink?


Velleman voice changer kit.

In which I show you the velleman voice changer and set up for a Mandalorian helmet. Warning a couple of feedback instances ...


Velleman Shaking Dice MK150 DIY Kit

Unboxing, soldering, assembly, and a demo of this clever little DIY minikit from Velleman. ▸ Skip to soldering: 01:34 ▸ Skip to ...


Velleman EDU01 Education kit, what is in the box?

What is in the box of the Velleman Educational Kit? A kit with 10 exciting DIY projects for the beginner in electronics.


Velleman Signal Generator - MK105 assembly

Interested in basic electronic kit projects? In this episode of the House of Hacks, Harley assembles a Velleman Signal Generator ...


velleman kits

A bird's eye view of Velleman kits available in our shop.


Velleman MK147 Dual White Stroboscope Kit - Part Two - Assembly and testing.

Welcome to another electronics kit review and build, this time a kit from Velleman, the Velleman MK147 Dual White Stroboscope ...


Velleman MK194 FM Radio Kit

This kit was a real pleasure to assemble, its also very easy to assemble to since it has a minimal parts count and very clear ...

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