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talking about boards, wetsuits, and other surf essentials | SURFING 101 part 1

Hey everyone, and welcome to SURFING 101! I have been getting so so so many questions about what gear you need to surf, ...


Essentials for cold water surfing | Surf Gear, Equipment and Accessories

LINKS TO ALL MY GEAR BELOW! My Wetsuit | My Surf Hood | My Surf Boots ...


Beginner Surf Essentials - What gear do you really need?

Surf X Founder Steve Bradford runs through the gear you'll need to get onboard in surfing and how to avoid common beginner ...


WHAT I PACK FOR SURFING in the UK 🏄‍♀️ ~ my surf gear | wetsuits + boards + accessories

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share what I pack when I go surfing especially here in the U.K! We talk surf gear such as what ...


SURFING EQUIPMENT: Essentials for surfing + What to get | Morgan Hill

SURFING EQUIPMENT: Essentials for surfing + What to get | Morgan Hill. In todays video i go over The surfing equipment that is ...


Surfing Equipment Explained by Girl Surfer Devon DeMint

Roxy surfer Devon DeMint explains how to wax boards, put in fins, wrap your leash and pick out wetsuits, surfboards, taction pads ...


How Inflatable Vests Work in Big-Wave Surfing

How the latest tech in big-wave surfing works in real life.


Other surfing equipment | Surf

Https:// To develop this Surf program, the Sikana team lived during a month with the Favela ...


What Surfing Is ACTUALLY Like as a Beginner

See what it's actually like to surf as a beginner, including why it's fun and why it kind of sucks at times! Click below to join the ...


Surfing The World's Largest Artificial Deepwater Standing Wave

I got an early entry, before the location opened on May 1 2021, to surf this amazing CityWave feature. For all the details on my ...

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