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Learn self-shiatsu to help get a better night's sleep

Leisa Bellmore, Shiatsu Therapist in the Artists' Health Centre at Toronto Western Hospital demonstrates how to perform ...


Easy Shiatsu

Dating back more than 5000 years, this treasure from the Far East, which literally means "finger pressure" is proving invaluable in ...


Japanese Shiatsu master talks the truth - "You already know"

Japanese Shiatsu master, Kimura-sensei is talking about the part of the law of universe which you would already know in your ...


What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu is an Asian bodywork form of massage. The term "Shiatsu" in Japanese translates to "finger pressure". Discover what sets ...


How to Give a Face Massage | Shiatsu Massage

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Le shiatsu, une massothérapie pour booster sa santé

Extrait de l'émission 9h50 le matin avec Thierry Buenerd. Retrouvez-nous sur : Notre site web ...


Basic Shiatsu Techniques | Shiatsu Massage

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What is Shiatsu Massage? Basic Shiatsu Techniques To Help Chronic Issues

Massage therapy is all the rage now – there's Thai massage, Korean massage, Asian massage, Asian spas, hand and stone ...


Basic Shiatsu Routine 1. Supine

Welcome to the basic Shiatsu Routine for The Shiatsu College. A video resource to support our students. Enjoy! - The Norwich ...


Shiatsu Back Massage (Namikoshi) Ancient Technique

Shiatsu back massage. Learn how to give a Shiatsu back massage, prone position. Therapy Shiatsu (Namikoshi). Subscribe ...

Shiatsu for sale at DowntownStores in UK

Homedics Shiatsu Max 2 CBS-2016-GB Massage Chair
Are you sitting comfortably? Big or small, you can enjoy a relaxing massage that hits all the right spots.  The ShiatsuMAX 2.0 Back and Shoulder Massager is the latest massage chair from the leaders in home massage, HoMedics. Designed with comfort in mind, treat the back and shoulders to some TLC, with a simple remote control and 14 massage progr ...
299.00 GBP    
Homedics Shiatsu Pro Plus Back Massage Chair With Heat SBM-385-GB
The Japanese art of Shiatsu has been aiding and assisting the relief of tension for thousands of years. Now you can have this art at your fingertips thanks to the New Shiatsu Pro Plus Back Massage Chair with Heat. Employing rhythmic pressure up and down a specific area of your back, the Shiatsu Pro Plus massager will revitalise and soothe in equal ...
159.00 GBP    
Handheld Shiatsu Body Massager HHP-355-15-GB
Tension relief in the palm of your hand... Advanced HoMedics Shiatsu massage technique will relieve aching muscles. Take it with you on your travels. Offering deep, penetrating techniques, you can use this handheld massager to soothe those stiff muscles when you're at work, home or even in the car. Variable speed settings allow you to adjust the ...
39.00 GBP    

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