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Hand Soldering BGA with SchmartBoard|ez

Hand soldering a BGA....IMPOSSIBLE!...not with SchmartBoard|ez. For more information go to


Schmartboard Intro

SchmartBoard is the destination for people who want to hand solder surface mount (SMT) components. Are you an engineer, ...


SchmartBoard - You Can Do This!

This fun, quick-paced overview shows why SchmartBoard has changed electronics for so many engineers, students, instructors ...


Schmartboard Drag Soldering Technique

We recommend this soldering technique as an alternate for scenarios where a shorter length canal is available such as in the ...


Sigfox and Schmartboard New Product Discoveries Episode 30 | DigiKey

Randall has a couple new and exciting products from Sigfox and Schmartboard this time on New Product Discoveries. Sigfox is a ...


Schmartboard Raspberry Pi

Describes some of the features of Schmartboard's through hole and surface mount Raspberry Pi prototyping Add on board.


Hand Soldering an SOIC Part with SchmartBoard|ez

SchmartBoard makes it simple to hand solder SMT components. Your soldering iron tip should be smaller than the pitch of your ...


EEVBlog #408 - Schmart Board 0.4mm QFN SMD Soldering

Mailbag continued. Soldering a 0.4mm QFN chipscale SMD package onto a Schmart Board using 0.3mm JBC and Hakko tips.


Schmartboard's Through Hole Advantage

While Schmartboard is know as the king of Surface Mount prototyping, we also make a family of through hole boards with great ...


Schmartboard for Robotics

Schmartboard is the perfect prototyping system for robotics. It makes it easy to implement surface mount technology whether it is ...

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