RIM Blackberry Playbook Tablet

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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Review
PhoneArena reviews the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM is embarking on a new venture into untested waters with their BlackBerry PlayBook. Dubbed as the first ...


RIM BlackBerry PlayBook
Live Link: The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet ably showcases RIM's powerful new mobile ...


Review: BlackBerry PlayBook tablet from RIM
In this informal review, syndicated technology columnist Marc Saltzman walks users through the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and its pros and cons.


That Time Blackberry Made a Tablet
Not many people seem to know about the Blackberry Playbook released in 2011, and as someone who used to get a lot of usage out of one, I felt like sharing my ...


RIM Blackberry Playbook Review
Tom reviews the RIM Blackberry Playbook.


BlackBerry Playbook 16GB / 64GB tablet
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RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet 1080p HD video sample - Here's a sample video recorded with the rear camera of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The PlayBook is capable of recording 1080p HD ...


RIM BlackBerry Playbook Tablet UI showcased
It's actually a pretty cool impressive user interface, well managing multi-tasking, navigating between multiple tasks, apps, tabs, features and managing things on ...


BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet 2010 Preview by RIM with HD Dual Camera x BBM x More [HD] [Tech Vids]
Brought to you by Dawn Of Superheroes find us on the web and look for our remodeled ...


RIM BlackBerry PlayBook (16GB Wi-Fi) video tour - part 1 of 2 - The BlackBerry PlayBook is the new 7-inch tablet coming out April 19 from RIM. It is powered by the all-new BlackBerry Tablet OS and has a ...

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