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Everything I brought home from the Tokyo Olympics. Team USA apparel and more!!

Too much stuff. This video shows Mykayla's homecoming at the airport and our adventures unpacking all of her Tokyo suitcases, ...


TEAM USA OLYMPIAN GEAR HAUL | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Training at the highest level day after day is difficult, staying healthy and recovered is even harder. But Xendurance makes it all ...


Winter Olympics Most Inappropriate Fails And Moments

From a skier who finishes with a fall in last place but with a style that wins the symphathy of the public to a silver medalist who ...


The Most Awkward Olympics Wardrobe Malfunctions Ever

Becoming an Olympian means dedicating yourself totally to your sport. Not only do you have to train for every possible eventuality, ...


Tiktok Tokyo Olympics 2020 | Olympic Village | Olympic Tiktok Compilation

TokyoOlympics2020 #TiktokOlympics #Tiktoktokyoolympics2020 #NoirXTok "Tiktok Tokyo Olympic 2020" New Tiktok video is outt!


Gymnasts React To Germans Bringing Bodysuits To The Olympics!

Gymnasts React To Germans Bringing Bodysuits To The Olympics! Welcome back to Sports Dive. On this channel right now, we ...


Tokyo Olympics: German Gymnasts Wear Unitards to Fight Sexualisation of Sport | NewsMo

Typically, women gymnast wear bikini-cut leotards while performing. But this time in Tokyo Olympics German women gymnasts ...


How Female Athletes Are Changing Sexist Clothing Rules | Tokyo Olympics

There's a blatant double standard in terms of what clothing female and male athletes are expected to wear in various sports.


Truman-Job Olympics: Clothes Hanging


Wrestling Coaches Strip in Protest at the 2016 Olympics, a breakdown

Wrestling #olympics #seatgeekcodeJOMBOY SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER: ...

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