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5 basic grappling techniques

5 basic grappling techniques. Some are better than others depending on the rule set. High C is one that is risky for BJJ because of ...


Okinawan Karate: The Art of Grappling with Strikes

Kata (traditional forms) are just movements of the human body. They are muscle-memory building tools used to get your body ...


Comparing Stances in Grappling Martial Arts

Today we will be comparing the "stances" in BJJ, Judo and Wrestling! Since there are plenty of ways to land or defend a takedown ...


The 5 Basic Principles of Grappling for MMA

Discover how to improve faster in your GRAPPLING skills for MMA by understanding the 5 Basic Principles of ground fighting!


Judo vs Freestyle Wrestling ✓ Awesome Grappling

Judo vs Freestyle Wrestling in an awesome grappling match. Judoka vs Wrestler. Top notch grapplers right there. Subscribe ...


Which mixed martial arts discipline is most important? 🥋

LifeOfLebros #Shorts #ONEChampionship.


The lost ground & grappling techniques of Okinawan Karate

Support me on Patreon: Read more: ...


Best Martial Art for Self Defense: Striking or Grappling? | Eli Knight vs. Ryan Hoover

Check out my online course: What is the best martial art for self defense? What's better for self ...


DUMOG - Grappling of Filipino Martial Arts

DUMOG is the Art of Filipino Wrestling. Available now! Order Volume 1 DVD Download at: Learn ...


10 Finger Guillotine- Grappling Catch Wrestling Self Defense

10 Finger Guillotine - #grapple #jiujitsu #bjj #grappling #mma #brazilianjiujitsu #wrestling #nogi #bjjlifestyle #judo #ufc ...

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