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Judo Highlights - Judo For The World Paris 2018

Welcome to judo for the world, which comes to you from the French capital Paris. Once again this city plays host to one of the most ...


5 basic judo throws everyone should know

5 basic judo throws everyone should know I hand selected these five techniques because I think they are very basic and effective.


Dimitri Peters Win's Men's Judo -100kg Bronze - London 2012 Olympics

Subscribe to @olympics: Highlights as Germany's Dimitri Peters wins the Men's Judo -100kg Bronze medal ...


5 Most Dangerous Judo Throws - STILL LEGAL

Shintaro Higashi Details 5 Dangerous Judo Techniques that are still LEGAL on the IJF Circuit. These moves are powerful if done ...


BJJ vs Judo - Real Sparring

What happens when a BJJ blue belt spars with a Judo brown belt? We rolled to answer this question. 00:00 Intro 00:17 Sparring ...


Don't Mess with Judo Black Belt

Judo is loved by all generations. You can see people of all ages from six to over eighty, and people of all professions, nationalities ...


Judo Top Ippons 2022 - Zagreb Judo Grand Prix 2022

Massive ippons from all your favorites! Abe Uta, Givinashvili and more! ▷ Get Exclusive NordVPN deal here ...



These are the top ippons in 2021. So much good judo made this video 18 minutes long. My three favorites are at the end! Want to ...


6 Judo moves performed in finals by World Champions

Courtesy of IJF World Championships Baku 2018 1. Daria Bilodid (UKR U48) : O Uchi Gari 2. Naohisa Takato (JPN U60) : Ko Uchi ...


Aikido vs Judo - Real Sparring

Aikido black belt with combat sports training decided to test his skills against a Judo practitioner in a sparring match. --- Check out ...

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