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Best Judo Ippons of 2019 (柔道 2019)
2019 is in the books and it's that time to sum up best Judo throws of the year, so sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy some of the most powerful, innovative ...


Top 20 Ippons - World Judo Tour 2019
Watch the best ippons from the 2019 season. Which is your favourite? Welcome to the official Judo channel, brought to you by the International Judo Federation!


Men's Judo -73 kg Gold Medal Match | London 2012 Olympics
Full highlights from the Men's Judo -73 kg Final between Russia's Mansur Isaev and Japan's Riki Nakaya from the ExCel Arena on 30 July 2012. Judo made its ...


5 basic judo throws everyone should know
5 basic judo throws everyone should know I hand selected these five techniques because I think they are very basic and effective. Also, with these techniques as ...


Judo Skills Stop the Threat | Active Self Protection
Watch the ASP Extra lesson on what the "Defensive Fence"/"Interview Ready" position is and how it can keep you from getting slapped and head butted: ...


Joe Rogan on Aikido vs Judo
Joe Rogan on Aikido vs Judo For the entire Joe Rogan Experience #1082 - Greg Fitzsimmons click here:


Joe Rogan on Why Jiu-jItsu Guys Should Know Judo
Taken from JRE #1445 w/Andy Stumpf:


JUDO Bean | Funny Clips | Mr Bean Official
Mr Bean tries his hand at martial arts, but is a little reluctant to be thrown to the ground! Stay tuned: ...


Judo Highlights - Baku Grand Slam 2019
Welcome to Azerbaijan, the nation known as the land of fire once again welcomes the sport of judo to its shores, as its capital city Baku hosts the annual Heydar ...


Judo Japan
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