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Getting Started with Intel Edison Part 1: Introduction

The Intel Edison is a powerful development platform in a small package. In this series, SparkFun engineer Shawn covers ...


Intel Edison Getting Started - A Step-By-Step Tutorial (windows) | Intel

Follow along as we take you through a step-by-step process to get up and running with Intel Edison technology. Read more here: ...


Intel's Edison - A Closer Look at What People are Making

Intel Edison Intel has created a computer that fits into an SD card called Edison. At IDF 2014 we took ...


Intel Edison: Yocto Linux & Personal Area Network Server

Never heard of Edison? Be sure to check out Part 1: ...


Learn Intel Edison in 5 minutes #iotfriday

Today the #IoTFriday is about the new Intel Edison DIY platform. How does it work? How to connect Intel Edison? How to program ...


Intel Edison: Dual Core 22nm Atom, 1gb ram, Wifi+Bluetooth 4.0 Unboxing and Overview

The Intel Edison: A tiny computer platform for hardware hackers, makers and DIY enthusiasts. It's a dual core x86 Atom running at ...


Robot Spiders Controlled by Intel's Edison Chip

How do you get robot spiders to dance in unison? One way is building them with Intel's Edison development board as their brains.


Intel Edison and SparkFun Blocks

More Information: We're excited to announce SparkFun Blocks for the Intel Edison board!


Low End Tech - Installing Debian/Ubilinux on Intel Edison

This is a how to video on How to install Debian / Ubilinux on intel edison platform. Thanks for the view and hope you enjoy!


Shubham Banerjee & Intel Edison | Meet the Makers | Intel

Meet Shubham Banerjee, 8th grader and inventor who built a low-cost braille printer using Intel Edison technology to help give ...

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