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The portable, affordable Fitbug Orb

The Fitbug Orb is a $50 wearable health tracker that connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth and keeps you in the loop about ...


REVIEW: FitBug Orb Fitness Tracker (iOS/Android)

In a market overflowing with budget-oriented Bluetooth fitness trackers, will the $50 FitBug Orb manage to strand out? Find out in ...


Fitbug Air Fitness Tracker Overview & Review

This time I take a peek at another Fitness Tracker, this time I was sent the Fitbug Air to try out and give my opinion on. I have to say ...


Fitbug Orb: The Future of Fitness

The Fitbug Orb is a wearable fitness tracker that keeps tabs on your exercise performance.


Set up your Fitbug Air (with app) in less than 6 minutes. Quick Setup.

A quick video showing you how to setup your Fitbug Air. Useful links: Setup Guides: Supported devices: ...


Fitbug Orb step and sleep tracker

What the Fitbug Orb is all about. [1 min]


Fitbug Orb Smart Fitness Aid - CES 2014

The Fitbug Orb removes the excuses normally associated with not using a fitness tracking device by having a battery that last for ...


Fitbug Orb Review: The Tracker You Don't Want

Tracking fitness is the new craze now and finding an affordable device is key. Unfortunately, the Fitbug Orb isn't worth it.


Fitbug Orb Unboxing and Initial Impressions

My PO Box, if you're interested in sending something my way: Jordan Keyes 1588 Leestown Road STE 130 - 126 Lexington, KY ...


Fitbug Orb Activity Monitor

I take a look at the Fitbug Orb - an activity monitor that tracks your steps and your sleep cycles. Get Your Fitbug Orb: ...

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