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Why DAB sounds so BAD - the UK’s digital radio shambles

A few people requested that I post this segment as as a stand-alone video, it was originally part of this Hi-Fi review: ...


Best DAB radio 2022: which digital radio should you buy?

Best DAB radio 2022: which digital radio should you buy? ➜ Links to the Best DAB radio we listed in this video: ✦ 5. Ruark R1 ...


Cheapest DAB+ Radio I Could Find - Majority Arbury

After looking at some nice Sony DAB+ FM radios over the past few months, I wanted to compare them to the cheapest DAB+ FM ...


Best Portable DAB Radios United Kingdom 2022

Top 5 Best Portable DAB Radios United Kingdom 2022. Sony XDR-S41D Portable DAB/DAB+ Wireless Radio with LCD Display ...


DAB radio modifications. LIDL kitchen radio could use some upgrades. Part 1.

We bought a Silvercrest kitchen radio from LIDL. It lacked audio output connectors or a proper aerial connector, so let's upgrade it.


Aldi Bluetooth DAB Radio - Wooden DAB+ & FM Radio - Reviews. 4K

A quick review of this Aldi Bluetooth DAB Radio, which is a rebranded Daewoo AVS1298. DAB+ Information: Take it back and ...


Adding DAB+ Radio to ANY Android Head Unit! - Quick and Easy with Xtrons DAB USB Stick

I explain Digital Radio DAB+ for Android Head Units Get them here: Xtrons DAB Adaptor: Teyes DAB ...


How to get DAB radio in your car - Which? guide

Don't have a digital radio in your car? Follow our guide to get DAB radio in any car ahead of the digital radio switchover.


Auna IR-260 Internet & DAB Radio - Unboxing & Review

In this video, I unbox and review the IR-260 internet and DAB+ digital radio from German audio brand Auna. I also take a look at ...


UKW kennt man, aber was genau ist eigentlich DAB+?

Auch das Radio passt sich unserer digitalen Lebenswelt an. Neben Internet, Kabel und Satellit sind Programme mit dem neuen ...

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