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Armourgel - smart, high impact armour for the older generation
A flexible, energy-absorbent material called Armourgel has been adapted to help mitigate the impact of falls that often leave elderly people with broken bones.


Primary Science Resource: Armourgel, Materials and States of Matter | Reach Out CPD
Want to find out more about Reach Out CPD? Contact us today: In this video, Dan Plant from Imperial College London explains ...




Making Shock Absorbing Protective Gear From Goo | How Do They Do It?
Find out how orange goo is used to make hard wearing protective gear, and how giant inflatable airbags for practicing extreme sports are made. Subscribe to ...


Magnum Armourgel Technology Explained LAWGEAR
Magnums exclusive Armourgel blunt trauma side impact provides ultimate ankle protection whilst being energy absorbing, lightweight and flexible. MAGNUM ...


Magnum Armourgel Video 2
Magnum has partnered with Armourgel, the leaders in flexible protection to produce the Strike Force Series of Uniform boots. Armourgel remains flexible until ...


Dyson Award Entry - Armourgel Hip Protector
A lighter, more breathable, high performance hip protector for the elderly and those suffering from osteoporosis. Utilising ArmourGel technology and innovative ...


Armourgel Ball Bearing Shot through a Bone


Pitch@Palace - Armourgel
Armourgel is a revolutionary energy absorbing material, which hardens on impact to protect the human body from injury.


Armourgel Lab - Bone Snap Test - without Armourgel
Lab anvil drop test onto bone without Armourgel.

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