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Altera EP2C5T144 FPGA Kit First Look

TDL- Altera FPGA Kit First Look My first foray into FPGA development with this neat (and cheap) starter kit. Consisting of the ...


FPGA Blinking Led Tutorial Step by Step [ Altera ]

A starting from scratch, step by step guide to create and upload a blink led program to your Altera FPGA. VHDL programming.


How to Begin a Simple FPGA Design

This training is for engineers who have never designed an FPGA before. You will learn about the basic benefits of designing with ...


FPGA first steps in Quartus II (Altera)

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is no more difficult to program than a MCU. Using Quartus II from Altera. The difference is ...


Getting started with the Altera DE1 FPGA board: Create and download a simple counter

This is my first experience with FPGA programming, and so I made this video to show how easy it is to get started. Many of the ...


Altera FPGA/CPLD programmer (USB Blaster compatible) Unboxing and Test

Unboxing and test of Altera FPGA/CPLD programmer (USB Blaster compatible). After unboxing, the device was tested with Time ...


Program Your Own FPGA Video Game

Learn how to make a retro-style table tennis game with an FPGA. Take a look at the DE0-Nano development board, along with ...


Configuring HPS to FPGA and FPGA to HPS Bridges in Altera SoCs

How to configure the AXI bridges from HPS (Hard Processor System) MegaWizard with a simple design - Learn the characteristics ...


Altera Cyclone II FPGA Starter Board

Hi, A look at the Altera FPGA Starter Kit.


Altera FPGA tutorial - "Hello World" using NIOS II processor on DE1 Board

A learning tutorial for Beginners to display "Hello World" on NIOS II console.

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