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Panasonic DMW-FL580LE Flashgun
Illuminate your stills and video with the LUMIX DMW-FL580LE External Flash from Panasonic which features an LED light and TTL compatibility. Capable of covering a zoom range of 12-100mm on Micro Four Thirds cameras and down to 7mm with the built-in panel this versatile unit is also powerful with a guide number of 190 at ISO 100 and 100mm. The flash ...
449.00 GBP    
Lastolite LL LS2601 Strobo Direct to Flashgun Bracket
Lastolite Strobo bracket to allow attachment of the Lastolite accessories direct to your flashgun. A range of Strobo accessories available from gels barn doors to honeycomb grids.
24.95 GBP    
Lastolite LL LS2616 Strobo Direct to Flashgun Mount Pro Kit
The Lastolite Direct to Flashgun Strobo Pro Kit is a light modification system that provides you with the ability to customize your on-camera shoe-mounted flash. Featured in the kit are the direct to flashgun bracket a set of 12 gels two gel holders and 38 14 honeycomb grids. The gel set includes three CTO gels three CTB gels a 0. 6 neutral density ...
84.95 GBP    
Lastolite EzyBounce Flashgun Bounce Card
The new Ezy Bounce bounce card by Lastolite By Manfrotto is the ideal lighting accessory to take anywhere. Designed especially for people who like to take pictures at events such as weddings or parties. The Ezy Bounce bounce card helps to create a softer light to illuminate the subject and thanks to its small size it can be carried in a shirt pocke ...
24.95 GBP    

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