Radio Scanner Terms and Definitions

Attenuator - Reduces the sensitivity of a scanner in order to reduce images and other effects of strong nearby signals. The sensitivity is reduced by attentuating (adding resistance) to the input signal.
Audio squelch - Suppresses the audio (or video) output of a receiver in the absence of a sufficiently strong desired input signal to prevent amplifying noise. Scanning resumes after for a few seconds.
Autoload Automatically stores new frequencies found during a search into the scanner's memories.
Bank Method of dividing a scanner's channels into smaller, manageable blocks (banks) for specific purposes and applications.
Delay Determines how long a scanner pauses on a channel for another transmission before resuming scanning.
Hold Holds up the scanning on a channel so you can monitor that channel continuously.
Lockout Enables the scanner to skip over a channel during its scanning sequence.
Priority channel When a signal is present on a priority channel, the scanner switches to it regardless of whether signals are present on other channels being scanned
Search The scanner tunes through a range and stops when an active frequency is found. Useful for finding new stations and users not listed in frequency directories.
See also Modem Definitions.