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XBee Basics - Lesson 1 - General Information and Initial Setup
Link to my quick reference guide: This is lesson 1 out of 5 where I will be ...


XBee: The basics
This video is about the basics of XBee. we will go over the settings and create a simple chat. if you have any question leave a comment.


XBee Basics - Lesson 2 - Simple Chat Program Between Two XBees in AT Mode
This is lesson 2 video tutorial on XBee basics. In this video I show you how to make a simple chat program between two XBees in AT mode.


XBee Tutorial: Configure ZigBee in API Mode
Lets learn How to configure XBee S2C Radio Module in ZigBee API Mode using XBee XCTU Software. In this video, we have demonstrated how to setup and ...


2018 New SUZUKI XBEE HYBRID 4WD - Exterior & Interior
SUBSCRIBE Twitter Spec 【Engine】 Water-cooled 4-cycle in-line 3-cylinder intercooler turbo 【Total ...


Product Showcase: XBee 3 Modules
XBee 3 RP-SMA Antenna Module: XBee 3 RP-SMA Antenna Pro Module: ...


ZIGBEE XBEE-S2C -How to configure
This video demonstrates how to configure the new XBEE S2C Modules using XCTU software. The function set of the new S2C module is ZIGBEE TH Reg ...


XBee tutorial: Turning on an LED wirelessly using Arduino via XBee radios
In this tutorial, I demonstrate a simple application of the ZigBee protocol based XBee radios. Using Arduinos, I demonstrate how to wirelessly control an LED.


XBee® Zigbee Cloud kit - Another Geek Moment | Digi-Key
The world's No. 1 selling M2M RF module. This video provides a Digi-Key demonstration on the XBee ZigBee in action and also explains the features, benefits, ...


Introduction to Zigbee and Xbee - Let's Make It - Episode 13
This week start the introduction to wireless communication using Zigbee with the Xbee radios from For the sample code, show notes, contact ...


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