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How to Understand Scopes
When shooting and editing video, the last thing you should trust, are your eyes! In this video, Chase from Zacuto shows how using tools such as waveform ...


IPLEX RX Videoscope Overview
IPLEX RX Videoscope details: The IPLEX RX and IPLEX RT provide exceptional image quality yet are user‐friendly, and boast a portable ...


Scopes allow colorist to make educated decisions when it comes to color and contrast. This tutorial shows you that though process behind color correcting your ...


New Fluke Diagnostic Videoscopes for Industrial Inspections
Http:// Industrial inspections require a powerful diagnostic videoscope designed to stand up to the dirtiest, most harsh environments.


Extech HDV600 High Definition VideoScope Inspection Camera Product Video
This video tells you everything you need to know about Extech's HDV600 series of High Definition VideoScope Inspection Cameras. Designed for use in ...


How to Color Correct your video footage using Waveforms - A Basic Tutorial in FCPX
Understanding how to read Waveforms in FCPX is a crucial tool in helping you achieve consistent color and fixing those troubled shots that didn't go as planned.


How to colour correct in FCPX using videoscopes (explained)
This video will teach you how to use the colour correction effect in Final Cut Pro X, using the video scopes as a guide.


Why I DON'T use the VIDEO SCOPES (Premiere Pro Lumetri Tutorial)
Https:// - Learn how to use the Lumetri Video Scopes inside Adobe Premiere Pro to create professional Color Grading and color ... I.T.S. Videoscopes
Https:// Military and Aerospace Approved Video Borescopes For: - Aircraft Turbine Inspection. - Helicopter Engine Inspection.


How to use video scopes for accurate colour grading | Histogram | RGB Parade | Vectorscope
A quick guide to use 3 easy video scopes to keep your grades consistent, fix white balance and get perfect skin tones. This will help you step up your colour ...


Videoscopes for sale on Amazon UK

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