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Velleman Shaking Dice MK150 DIY Kit
Unboxing, soldering, assembly, and a demo of this clever little DIY minikit from Velleman. ▸ Skip to soldering: 01:34 ▸ Skip to assembly: 12:15 ▸ Skip to the ...


Velleman MK102 Flashing LED Kit
A review and tutorial of the Velleman MK102 Flashing LED Light Kit that I bought at Fry's Electronics. This is a great flashing/blinking light kit for beginners and ...


Velleman MK171 Voice Changer Review - Simple Electronics Projects for Beginners
This kit on Amazon: Velleman MK171 Voice Changer Review - Simple Electronics Projects for ...


Metal Detector DIY Kits - Part 2/3 - Velleman K7102
Unboxing and soldering the Velleman K7102 metal detector kit. ▸ Part 1: ▸ Part 2: (playing now) ...


TDL- Super Ear Kit
Teardown Lab - Super Ear Kit I assemble an amazing super ear kit which amplifies the tiniest of noises! For similar products on Amazon please see USA: ...


130 in 1 Electronics lab hobby beginners Projects Kit
A quick look at a beginner 130 in 1 electronic project kit which i picked up on Ebay for just £8. You can still by these new although they are quite expensive.


Mini Quadcopter Kit (K/RCQC2)
Watch our mini quadcopter fly and land on our self-made landing platform. Then we'll show you all different parts and components of the kit and you'll see how ...


Velleman EDU01 Education kit, what is in the box?
What is in the box of the Velleman Educational Kit? A kit with 10 exciting DIY projects for the beginner in electronics.


Velleman 2.5W Audio Amplifier & Siren Kits
Put these two together and make a really loud siren.


Robotic Arm Kit - Gadgets Review Geek
This video I've got myself a Build Your Own Mechanical Robot Arm kit! Great fun! My d.i.y hydraulic arm!- This ...


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