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Velleman Shaking Dice MK150 DIY Kit
Unboxing, soldering, assembly, and a demo of this clever little DIY minikit from Velleman. ▸ Skip to soldering: 01:34 ▸ Skip to assembly: 12:15 ▸ Skip to the ...


Velleman MK102 Flashing LED Kit
A review and tutorial of the Velleman MK102 Flashing LED Light Kit that I bought at Fry's Electronics. This is a great flashing/blinking light kit for beginners and ...


TDL- Super Ear Kit
Teardown Lab - Super Ear Kit I assemble an amazing super ear kit which amplifies the tiniest of noises! For similar products on Amazon please see USA: ...


Velleman MK194 FM Radio Kit
This kit was a real pleasure to assemble, its also very easy to assemble to since it has a minimal parts count and very clear instructions. Reception is fantastic ...


Velleman MK171 Voice Changer Review - Simple Electronics Projects for Beginners
This kit on Amazon: Velleman MK171 Voice Changer Review - Simple Electronics Projects for ...


Velleman Solderless Educative Starter Kit (EDU01)
In this video, I will show you the Velleman Solderless Educative Starter Kit. This is the EDU01 edition. It is an electronic kit that you can build many things with.


Maplin / Velleman MK120 IR Light Barrier Alarm kit build (electronics kit build)
A little bit rambly at times...sorry!


Velleman Running Light Kit Review.
For about $9.00 it's a good beginner kit.


Velleman FM Radio Solder Kit
Just a simple solder project form Velleman. It is a FM radio.


Velleman Electronic Dice Soldering Kit with 3D Printed Case
Chuck assembles a Velleman MK150 Electronic Dice Kit and then custom designs a 3D printed case in Tinkercad on this weeks Filament Friday. He shows step ...


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