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Velleman Shaking Dice MK150 DIY Kit
Unboxing, soldering, assembly, and a demo of this clever little DIY minikit from Velleman. ▸ Skip to soldering: 01:34 ▸ Skip to assembly: 12:15 ▸ Skip to the ...


Velleman MK194 FM Radio Kit
This kit was a real pleasure to assemble, its also very easy to assemble to since it has a minimal parts count and very clear instructions. Reception is fantastic ...


Velleman Solderless Educative Starter Kit (EDU01)
In this video, I will show you the Velleman Solderless Educative Starter Kit. This is the EDU01 edition. It is an electronic kit that you can build many things with.


Metal Detector DIY Kits - Part 1/3 - haoDIY (Banggood - PID 983614)
Unboxing and soldering the Banggood (haoDIY) metal detector kit. ▸ Part 1: (playing now) ▸ Part 2: ...


Velleman FM Radio Solder Kit
Just a simple solder project form Velleman. It is a FM radio.


Velleman Vertex K8400 3D Printer Review
There are good 3d printer kits, and there are bad ones. Thankfully Velleman Vertex K8400 is one of the good ones. After around 80 hours of printing and ...


Velleman MK102 Flashing LED Kit
A review and tutorial of the Velleman MK102 Flashing LED Light Kit that I bought at Fry's Electronics. This is a great flashing/blinking light kit for beginners and ...


Building And Testing The Velleman 1A Power Supply Kit K1823
Watch me build and test the Velleman 1A Power Supply Kit K1823.


Product Showcase: Beginner Electronics Kits
Confused as where to start in the world of electronics? Do you have a budding engineer craving a new toy to play with that will expand their creativity? Great!


Some of my Velleman kits.
Two Velleman kits and a Rapid one. Includes electronic dice, brain game kit and a ipod speaker.


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