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Velleman K8200 3D Printer - my first print
This video shows my first printout. You can find more details on my blog: If you have any ...


Velleman Vertex K8400 3D Printer Review
There are good 3d printer kits, and there are bad ones. Thankfully Velleman Vertex K8400 is one of the good ones. After around 80 hours of printing and ...


Velleman Vertex K8400 3D Printer - Assembly & First Impressions
In the middle of my 3d-printed spot welder project I was contacted by Reichelt - a large distrubutor similar to Farnell, CPC or RS. They have been trying to make ...


Velleman VERTEX 3D Printer K8400 #3 ( from Start - to End: DC Motor )
15 min. Cut of creating Electric motor on free Autodesk 123D, printed on Velleman VERTEX 3D Printer K8400, PLA. Big DC Motor like Outrunner :) My SLT files ...


Building the Velleman K8200 3D printer - Part 3: Printing and Calibration
The final installment of the Velleman K8200 build. We take a look at some initial prints in ABS, some grand failures and quite a bit of tweaking in how to get it to ...


Vertex Delta 3D Printer
Introducing the new Vertex Delta 3D printer! Find out all there is to know about the Vertex's unique features during this video. ▻ Find more info on the Vertex ...


Velleman 3D printer K8200 test print
Seems to work pretty well


Velleman 3D Christmas Tree Kit Assembling
Quick video, picked up this cute little kit at Radioshack and figured I'd make a video since I haven't been able to do anything else recently. Interesting project and ...


Velleman Vertex Nano Initial Thoughts
My initial thoughts after spending a couple of weeks playing with the Vertex Nano. Velleman Vertex Nano US: Velleman Vertex Nano EU: ...


Vertex Nano 3D Printer - User Guide
First use of Vertex Nano 3D printer! Find the manual on ▻ More info on the Vertex Nano ▻ Subscribe for ...


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