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Smart Video Car for Raspberry Pi 3 (and model B+, 2B) Tutorials 01 Open Box & Basic Assembly
This is the first tutorial for the assembly tutorial series, about the package unboxing and basic building. The car kit is a cool and interesting smart car robot with ...


Sloth Arduino DIY 4-DOF Humanoid Robot Learning Kit with Programming (Assembly Tutorial )
Here's the cutest acrylic humanoid robot called Sloth, based on Arduino (using SunFounder Nano board). It can move forward and detect the range to make a ...


Control SunFounder Smart Video Car for Raspberry Pi on Windows & Android App
Great news! NOW you can control your Smart Video Car for Raspberry Pi on your computer that runs on Windows - check how from the beginning. And we've ...


SunFounder Learning Starter Kit Tutorial for Arduino - Blinking LED
Hi there. This video is about how to make an LED blink with Arduino. Quite simple Arduino projects! You may learn how the it works step by step. Have fun!


Kit Build: Sunfounder Crawling Quadruped Robot #1
Build of the walking robot kit. Note: Some items were supplied at zero cost.


Arduino Robot Kit Bionic Programmable - SunFounder DIY Robot Lizard
STEM EDUCATION - Perfect choice for beginners to learn robotics, electronics and program. BIONIC ROBOT - The robot walks with 4 legs like a Lizard, so as its ...


SunFounder Arduino Robotics Kit 4-DOF Dancing Sloth Programmable DIY Robot Kit (Assembly Tutorial )
Available on: The newest Sloth Robot is a cute and flexible robot.Visualize programming can be utilized, ...


SunFounder Learning Kit Tutorial for Arduino - I2C LCD1602 - Super Kit/Starter Kit, Need soldering
In this experiment, we will learn how to display strings on an I2C LCD1602 by programming with Arduino. For LCD soldering, see this video: ...


RasPad First Look SunFounder Raspberry Pi Tablet KickStarter
In this video, I take a first look at the new SunFounder RasPad a 10.1-inch tablet powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 b Plus or any other single board computer that ...


Arduino Electronics Spider Quadruped Robot Kit with Servo Control Board and Nano, Remote Control
Here brings you a robot based on Arduino Nano, completely code open, with remote control or control via PC (mouse or keyboard). It can dance and go forward ...


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