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Buying Your First Soldering Station
These links (affiliates) will get you the EXACT equipment that I'm using, not the crappy ones!☆ ▻T12 Soldering Station: $40.99 Coupon!


Soldering basics and choosing a cheap soldering iron.
The soldering equipment on eBay is actually very usable. I test a cheap generic 936 soldering station in this video, including a look inside the unit and at the ...


Best Soldering Iron 2019 * TOP 10 Soldering Irons 🛠️ TOOLER
BEST SOLDERING IRONS IN 2019: ********************************************** 1. Weller WES51 ...


Beginners Guide to buying a soldering gun or iron and basic soldering techniques
If you are new to soldering this is a great overview of types of soldering equipment including soldering stations, soldering irons, soldering guns and butane ...


EEVblog #1063 - Weller WE1010 vs Hakko FX888D Soldering Station
Review of two $100 class soldering stations. Can the new Weller WE1010 beat the venerable Hakko FX888D? ...


What Soldering Iron Should I Buy?
The soldering station in this video is no longer available. A similar model can be found here:


Which is the best soldering iron to repair audio leads?
What is the best soldering iron to buy? Should you spend a lot of money or will a cheap one do the job. If you are mainly repairing audio plugs and leads this ...


Soldering irons test $20 vs $40 vs $400!
Soldering iron is a very essential tool for every electronics enthusiast so here I have 3 soldering irons that I will compare and test. Small and portable $20 ...


Banggood TS100 soldering iron review(highly recommended!)
DISCORD chat server: TS100 soldering iron from banggood: TS100 soldering iron from Amazon w/ ...


Awesome ideas with Soldering Iron
Welcome to my channel MR SUNY where you will learn how to make hand made crafts,DIY,Soldering Ironlife hack, ideascraft diy projects , New Year crafts, ...


Soldering Irons for sale on Amazon UK

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