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Mechanically Programmable Rhythm Generator
For more info, visit - This is a machine commissioned by jazz pianist and composer, Chris Walters, completed in January 2017.


Programmable Transient Generator, Part 1
Intro showing basic block diagram and initial test using a light bulb load.


Control Forge Programmable Universal CV Generator
A brief introduction to the Rossum Electro-Music Control Forge Programmable Universal CV Generator. More info here: ...


Programmable Transient Generator, Part 2
Video showing the transient generator's controller in operation along with a few of the tools used to develop the software.


7$ Function Generator VS 107$ Function Generator
Previous video: Facebook: Twitter: Support me for more ...


Programmable Clock Generator with PCIe Timing Outputs by IDT
The VersaClock® 5 family of programmable clock generators simplify the creation of PCI Express® clocks for a design while providing the flexible outputs for ...


LOW COST Arbitrary Function/Waveform Signal Generator
No need to spend a lot of money on an Arbitrary Waveform Function/Signal Generator/Frequency Counter! The one shown in this video works great, receives ...


Buchla Programmable complex waveform generator model 259
I'm sorry for the bad Audio and video quality of this cheap camera, and for some reason, probably because of the vibrations, the camera kept stopping.. Out of 10 ...


Programmable Pulse Generator, lecture by Rod Schein
Robotics & Electronics Lectures by Rod Schein @ Edmonds Community College Artwork by Bob McCausland.


Alan Bond's Programmable Engine Sound Unit
EASILY programmed by a moveable link and two push-buttons, this unit has 10 different engine 'voices' or characters plus 10 you can set up yourself. Will work ...


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