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Why You Need These! Polarizers and ND Filters for Beginners
Today we are doing a basic explanation of ND Filters and Polarizers. All the beginner information needed to get started using these filters and improving your ...


Photo101: Polarizing filters, why they're so neat...and how to use them
Polarizing filters are generally fantastic, so here you go - everything I know about them. If you've found this or other videos I've made to be helpful, then support ...


Why Use Polarizers?
Polarizing filters can often make the difference between an 'OK' picture and a 'WOW' picture. In this video you can learn how to use Polarizing filters to intensify ...


How to Use a Circular Polarizing Filter (CPL) Like a Champ
You'll often hear that a circular polarizing filter, or CPL, is a must have addition to your gear bag, but once you've got it how do you use it for the best possible ...


You (probably) DON'T Need Polarizing, UV, or ND Filters: Simulate them for FREE!
See the follow-up video here: ND, UV, and polarizing filters can get expensive, they're a pain to use, they reduce your image ...


How These Make your Camera look Cinematic | Circular Polarizers & ND Filters
My Course on Making Epic Online Content - My Instant Color Grade LUTs - If you could only have ONE FILTER ...


Polarizer and ND Filters! What do they do, and do you NEED them?
In this video I talk about filters: specifically, ND and Circular Polarizers. I go over what they do, the pros and cons to both types, and when and how I do and don't ...


3 Reasons To Use A Circular Polarizer Filter


Polarizing Filters: Why They're Awesome
I recently got a Polarizing filter for my camera, and made this video to show you how they work and why you might want to get one. It's a really cool effect that ...


Polarizer Filters and your Drone - Do they improve your footage?
The polarizers I use for my Mavic Pro and Mavic Air: Mavic Air: Mavic Pro:


Polarizer Filters for sale on Amazon UK

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