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Photojojo - iPhone/Smartphone Lenses!
Please watch: "Morning Jolt #1 - Fuji X-T3 less than $1599?" --~-- Photojojo sent me a review sampler ...


iPhone & Android, Lens Kit review - Photojojo "Classic Kit"
Photojojo iPhone & Android magnetic clip on lenses Review. Testing the "Classic Kit" which ...


PhotoJoJo Wide Angle Smartphone Lens on a Lumia 1020 at the Petersen Auto Museum in LA (4K Review)
As part of my Birthday WEEK celebrations, I finally got to take a tour of the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. For the trek I paired a PhotoJoJo Wide Angle ...


Photojojo Attachable Lenses for Phones
Attachable Lenses for Phones. Fisheye lens, telephoto lens, Wide Angle/Macro lens for phones from CLICK SHOW MORE To win a ...


Photojojo Wide Angle/Macro Lens Overview & Unboxing
Massive thanks to Photojojo for sending me the review unit! A quick unboxing and overview of the Wide Angle/Macro Lens by Photojojo. For an in-depth review ...


DON'T BUY PhotoJojo iPhone Lenses
Here are the lenses I got: I stress - they've already offered me a refund or exchange or whatever.


Photojojo Dreamscope Phone Filter Kit Review // Magali Vaz
I review the Photojojo Dreamscope, an In Real Life filter kit for your smartphone. Click 'SHOW MORE' for more details. The Dreamscope works on almost all ...


Photojojo iPhone Lens | Review of Photojojo Lens for all iPhones
Photojojo iPhone Lens | It's hard to think you were once inseparable from your fancy ...


Photojojo Wide & Macro Lenses Review for iPhone 4 & 4S
Photojojo Wide & Macro Lenses Review for iPhone 4 & 4S Guest Review by Jesse Shotland Useful Links ...


Photojojo Lens Unbox & Demonstration
An unboxing and demo of the Photojojo lenses for smartphone cameras.


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