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Mosquito XET Turbine Helicopter Walkaround and Flight
This helicopter is no longer for sale. My newest video:


Extremely Beginner Friendly RC Helicopter - BLADE 70 S - TheRcSaylors
Buy it here: The Blade 70 S has got to be the most beginner friendly, yet advanced RC helicopter we've seen for well under $100. It comes ...


The personal Helicopter that is surprisingly affordable!
Today, we take a look at The personal Helicopter that is surprisingly affordable! Buy one for $30-40k at Read the article here: ...


Quinsong QS-5013 Review and Flight
Purchase from RTF ($8.49) China: Purchase from RTF ($12)US: ...


Micro RC Bell 222 Airwolf Helicopter with CC3D
ESKY 150X is by far the smallest, highly scaled, flybarless and highly realistic Replica of a Real Bell 222, Airwolf Helicopter. Not only the looks but also it has the ...


Season 1, Episode 8; Mosquito Helicopter
You've heard of small aeroplanes being called "Flying Dishwashers", well what about "Flying Insect"? Today on The Flying Show, we set off to look at the pocket ...


Qingsong - QS-5010 (Nano Helicopter-In-A-Box) - Review and Flight
This is my review of the QS-5010, which is a nano 3ch coaxial helicopter that stores inside the infrared transmitter. Enjoy! -Flyin' Ryan Links to purchase: ...


Silverlit - Pico Falcon (2015 World's Smallest RC Helicopter) - Review and Flight
Link to purchase from RTF ($48) - The Silverlit Pico Falcon is the new World's Smallest Helicopter for 2015.


Syma S107G Mini RC Helicopter Review & Flight
Click to subscribe: - Looking for a last minute present to get for someone that costs less than $20? The Syma S107G mini RC helicopter ...


Syma - S6 Mini (so-called "World's Smallest RC Helicopter") - Review and Flight
Links to purchase: Tmart - RTF ($18) ...


Micro Helicopter for sale on Amazon UK

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