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Cheap logic analyzer SPI i2c UART
Huge LED matrix with scrooling text. In the next video we will connect a bluetooth module to it and send text with out smartphone. All the links are below.


EEVblog #44 Part 1 - Logic Analyzer Tutorial
Dave gives you the what, how, and why of Logic Analyzers.


#99 Logic Analyzer for I2C, SPI and many more protocols
So we Arduinites use I2C and SPI (and maybe a couple of other protocols) without really giving too much thought to what is happening to the signals going down ...


[009] DSLogic Logic Analyzer Review and Teardown
Review, teardown and experiments with the DSLogic Plus 400Msps 16-channel logic analyzer. Show Notes: ...


How to Use a Logic Analyzer
Demonstrating the Saleae Logic 16 logic analyzer with Arduino using the I2C communication protocol.


Cheap logic analyzer + Sigrok pulseview = timesaver (LHT00SU1)
Sigrok project: This analyzer (Banggood):


[001] Sigrok and Logic Analyzers
Introduction and experiments with low-cost logic analysers and the sigrok software suite. Show Notes: Twitter: ...


Building Poor Man's Logic Analyzer with an Arduino - Reverse Engineering A/C Remote part 1
Capturing the packets from my air conditioner remote to reverse engineer the protocol. Longer and way better reverse engineering video by EEVblog: ...


super cheap logic analyser
Time to spend a bit of time exploring that cheap (less than $10) logic analyser I got in the last mailbag. (mailbag: ...


EEVblog #44 - Part 2 - Logic Analyzer Tutorial
Part two of Dave's Logic Analyzer tutorial / monologue.


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