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EEVblog #44 Part 1 - Logic Analyzer Tutorial
Dave gives you the what, how, and why of Logic Analyzers.


Cheap logic analyzer SPI i2c UART
Huge LED matrix with scrooling text. In the next video we will connect a bluetooth module to it and send text with out smartphone. All the links are below.


How to Use a Logic Analyzer
Demonstrating the Saleae Logic 16 logic analyzer with Arduino using the I2C communication protocol.


#99 Logic Analyzer for I2C, SPI and many more protocols
So we Arduinites use I2C and SPI (and maybe a couple of other protocols) without really giving too much thought to what is happening to the signals going down ...


EEVblog #436 - Saleae USB Logic Analyser Review & Teardown
Review and teardown of the 8 channel Saleae USB Logic Analyser.


[009] DSLogic Logic Analyzer Review and Teardown
Review, teardown and experiments with the DSLogic Plus 400Msps 16-channel logic analyzer. Show Notes: ...


[001] Sigrok and Logic Analyzers
Introduction and experiments with low-cost logic analysers and the sigrok software suite. Show Notes: Twitter: ...


Getting Started with a $10 Logic Analyzer using Sigrok and PulseView
Twitter: @sahajsarup Instagram: @ric_96 My Gaming Channel: blog: ...


EEVblog #1018 - ZeroPlus Logic Analysers
Dave looks at several USB logic analysers from ZeroPlus Arduino Starter Kit: Forum: ...


Rohde & Schwarz RTB2004 Logic Analyzer and UART Protocol Decode Demonstration
I demonstrate the Logic Analyzer on my Rohde & Schwarz RTB2004 Oscilloscope using a GPS module and Analog Discovery. I then compare the Analog ...


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