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Turn On Your TV With Your Light Switch : Lightwave RF Gen 2 Smart Series Review
This smart switch is not only Google Home, Apple Home kit, and Alexa enabled, it is also capable of turning your TV on! I am not joking! This video is a review of ...


LightwaveRF - Home Automation - Overview / Review
Buy your lightwave rf kit here: Run through the of the LightwaveRF system. We have had it for approx 3-4 years. About time with the ...


Installation of Lightwaverf Generation 2 Dimmer Switch
Please note do not attempt to install this switch unless you are qualified to do so and ensure all power is switched off if anyone is doing any electrical works in ...


LightwaveRF Smart Home Review with HomeKit, Google & Alexa
Review of the LightwaveRF Smart Home offering. In my review, I take a look at the LightwaveRF Link Plus, Smart Wall Sockets, Home Thermostat, Smart ...


Lightwave Rf with Alexa smart home demo
Quick demo of the start of my smart home adventure! Still loads left to install but impressive none the less.


LightwaveRF Inline Relay
A demonstration of the LightwaveRF Inline Relay from JSJS Designs part number JSJSLW830WH. Video shows how to connect it up to the mains supply and ...


LightwaveRF - How to set up master mood switch


Installing the LightwaveRF 2 Way Dimmer - JSJSLW450/JSJSLW452/JSJSLW455
The LightwaveRF 2 way dimmers are identical to the standard dimmer switch in apparance, but are designed to be used only as a slave to perform 2-way ...


Automated roller blinds amazon echo LightwaveRF. With install and set up instructions
Here is the link to the shop I bought the blinds from....


Fitting LightwaveRF Thermostatic Radiator Valve.


LightWaveRF Controllers for sale on Amazon UK

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