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Leap Motion: Orion
Reach into the future with Orion, Leap Motion's new hand tracking software that's built from the ground up for virtual reality. Download today at ...


Introducing the Leap Motion
Leap Motion represents an entirely new way to interact with your computers. It's more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than ...


Leap Motion Controller Hands-on Review (Retail Consumer Version)
This is a hands-on review of the new Leap Motion Controller (Retail Consumer Version). This device is released on July 22nd, 2013. Here is the unboxing video: ...


Controller-less VR?! | Leapmotion Orion Showcase
Have you had enough of charging up controllers and lugging around physical objects?! Well LeapMotion's new Orion kit could be your savior! Buy LeapMotion ...


Leap Motion Blocks for Oculus Rift Playthrough
Create and interact with shapes, manipulate gravity and more in this all-new VR experience built for Leap Motion Orion. Blocks is built with our upcoming ...


Real Hand Tracking in VRChat Using LeapMotion
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Leap Motion Major Update Released!! - Cat Explorer, Particles & Paint (HTC Vive)
Leap Motion recently released a major update of the Orion VR tracking software including three new awesome hand tracking demos: Cat Explorer, Particles ...


First Look: Leap Motion - Gesture Controller for Computers!
Leap Motion Controller, Gesture Motion Control Accessory Find it here: Find the VR developer kit: Details: The ...


Tested In-Depth: Leap Motion Controller
Will and Norm test the Leap Motion, a small USB device that sits on your desk that can sense hand motions and gestures with a claimed precision of 0.01mm.


Leap Motion Review (Motion Control for Mac & PC)
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LeapMotion for sale on Amazon UK

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