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GPIO Extension Board with Raspberry Pi 3
Using GPIO Extension Board with Raspberry Pi 3 and modifying the circuit for hello blinky app with ribbon cable and t joint shaped extender/expander board.


Connecting the breadboard to the Rpi
This video describes how to connect the Canakit Ultimate Kit breadboard to the RPi.


Raspberry Pi GPIO Tutorial: The Basics Explained
This Raspberry Pi GIO tutorial takes you through a lot of the basics of the GPIO pins and what you can do with them Full Guide: ...


Gearbest - GPIO Extension Board for Raspberry Pi
The product arrived dirty, with scratched on the board and with broken connector. It may have been bad luck but the first impression I did not like (not ...


Raspberry Pi Mega-IO Expansion Card
Raspberry Pi Mega-IO Expansion Card Eight on-board relays, 8 12-bit ADC channels,12-bit DAC output, 8 opto-isolated inputs, 4 open collector outputs, ...


Raspberry Pi stacking connectors
How stacking connectors work on the Raspberry Pi.


PCF8574 GPIO Extender - With Arduino and NodeMCU
In this tutorial, I am going to talk about the PCF8574 8-bit GPIO Port Extender. It is one of the many GPIO extenders available in the market. This tiny little board ...


GPIO Extension Board for Raspberry Pi 3


#49 MORE PINS PLEASE! PCF8574 Arduino Pin Extender (Easy)
Too few pins on your Arduino? Use this I2C controlled pin extender (with optional interrupt) to make life easier! All sketches and other stuff can be found here on ...


Arduino GPIO pin expansion using I2C
Add more GPIO pins to your Arduino project using an expansion board controlled by the I2C bus.


GPIO Extension Boards for sale on Amazon UK

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