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A brief introduction to Freescale pressure sensors portfolio
Featuring the medical invasive blood pressure MPX2300DT1, the ultra small absolute barometric sensor MPL115A and the water level demo DEMOAPEX.


Freescale touch sensors on a guitar
As a demo, Freescale has put some capacitive sensors and combine them with resistive stings to thus combine the effect of a keyboard and of a guitar into an ...


Freescale MPL3115A2 pressure sensor / altimeter
Freescale launches the new altimeter MPL3115A2. This device uses a piezoresistive bridge as its sensor element. It also includes a dedicated ASIC which ...


Freescale Mechatronics training robot, to learn software, sensors, microcontrollers
This is a robot training kit for $199, you get all the parts needed to start playing around programming with Freescale's microcontrollers, sensors and more.


Vandana Lokeshwar, Senior Technology Development Manager at element14 discuss Freescales next generation XTRINSIC MEMS SENSOR.


Freescale MMA9550L, the new Xtrinsic family of autonomous sensors
Imagine not needing a power button to turn on your phone, just pick it up. Imagine cheaper warranty as manufacturers will know when devices were damaged ...


Freescale Sensor Toolbox with e-compass solution
Using Freescale's Sensor Fusion solutions, the accelerometer and some algorithms can improve the magnetometer as so-called e-compass, an improved ...


Freescale Xtrinsic sensors in a Tablet
A tablet demo showing Freescale's magnetometer and accelerometer.


Freescale Tower Sensor Pack
The Tower Sensor Pack allows users to discover sensors.


Freescale Sensor Contest Video- Running
For the Freescale Sense the World Video Contest.


Freescale Sensors for sale on Amazon UK

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