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New Accelerometers from Freescale
Dave Monk, the MEMS Automotive Sensor Product Manager at Freescale Semiconductor, offers a quick overview of the new Xtrinsic sensor.


Freescale low power small size low cost accelerometer MMA7660 for portrait landscape detection
Featuring the popular ZSTAR3 (zigbee like wireless sensor demo).


Game with Microcontrolador Freescale & Java Using Accelerometers- UABC
More info:( En este proyecto se realizo el microcontrolador de Freescale "DEMO9S08LC60". Se creo un juego simple en java y ...


Freescale new 12-bit digital accelerometer MMA8450Q
Embedded Innovative features like transient detection (High pass filter for gravity offset) and 32 FIFO samples associated with auto wake-up function.


MATLAB Arduino Tutorial 4 - Filtering Noise out of 3-axis Accelerometer Data in Real-time
This video demonstrates how to use MATLAB to filter noise out of 3-axis accelerometer data in real-time. Both Exponential Moving Average (EMA, low pass, ...


MATLAB Arduino Tutorial 3 - Vector and Magnitude Visualizations of 3-axis Accelerometer Data
This video demonstrates how to create vector and magnitude visualizations of a 3-axis accelerometer data in MATLAB. The accelerometer is connected to ...


angular rate sensor with accelerometers
Two Freescale MM1250D as a 2D angular rate sensor. The third sensor is pending - plans are made for a simple Joystick and stuff like with the Wiimote.


Bluetooth Demo with Accelerometer on Freescale FRDM KL25Z Board
A quick demo of Bluetooth stack over USB on Freescale FRDM-KL25 board powered by ARM Cortex-M0 KL25MCU. Shows Accelerometer readings as 3D ...


Freescale Xtrinsic sensors in a Tablet
A tablet demo showing Freescale's magnetometer and accelerometer.


Freescale KL25Z128 Examples: X,Y,Z Accelerometer values
This example shows MMA8451Q Accelerometer X,Y,Z values (in mg).


Freescale Accelerometers for sale on Amazon UK

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