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7 Cheap Electric Guitars That Don't Suck - Great Tone at Budget Friendly Prices
Dagan shows us 7 cheap guitars that actually sound really good, proving that budget friendly can still be high quality! Wow! Over 1 million views! Thanks so ...


🎸 Electric Guitar | The Struggle is REAL.
I've been playing acoustic guitar for years & still am! But, I am putting in the time this year to work on my electric guitar skills. This is something I've wanted to do ...


10 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners 2017
We went over our inventory to bring y'all the 10 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners between the $150 - $500 range. Let's take a closer look and listen at what ...


Electric Guitar Buying Guide
Every rock and roll guitarist started somewhere and here at PMT we're here to help you pick your perfect guitar. Whether it's an acoustic or electric guitar we ...


Beginner's Guide To Electric Guitar Gear - Guitars, Amps & Pedals
Andy's Electric Guitar Starter Course on YouTube: ...


Best Electric Guitars & Amps for Beginners
I hope this guide to choosing your first electric guitar gear will be helpful for anyone looking to start playing electric guitar! This is meant to be a starting point, but ...


First Year Playing the Electric Guitar - Month by Month Progress
I started playing the electric guitar about one year ago today when I was 22. Over the past year I've been recording many clips of things I've been learning and I ...


These electric guitars are made out of STEEL!
Visit my store for new T-shirts, CDs, picks and mugs: Fancy your name in the credits of 'Tuesday Talks'?


The Cheapest Electric Guitar On Amazon vs my custom Fender. Beginners Should Buy Electric!
Subscribe: ▻ ♥ Your Support Appreciated! What is the cheapest electric guitar on Amazon (£62) really like? is it playable? How does it ...


Know Your Tone - Blind Test Guitar Challenge!
Have some fun, and see if you can identify each one of these popular guitars by sound only! *Gibson Les Paul, *Ibanez RG, *Fender Strat, *Fender Tele!


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