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Transform your Satellite dish to an antenna (Ota)
Simple way to mount your over the air antenna to your preexisting Directv dish while also using your existing coaxial cable. Everything stays intact in case you ...


4 Brilliant Uses for an old SATELLITE DISH!
Here 's 4 cool alternative uses for an old satellite dish! Check out this fun Twitter profile @MarijuanaMovies. Trivia, Fun Facts and Famous Quotes everyday!


From DirecTV to an OTA antenna | Cord Cutting | Nathan Watne
Are you looking to "cut the cord" and stop paying for over priced TV? In this video, I talk about utilizing the existing infrastructure that any satellite provider has ... presents: Reflector Antennas - The Satellite Dish
The popular parabolic reflector antenna is described, and the basic physics introduced. For more info, see: ...


8 Best Portable Satellite Antennas 2018
UPDATED RANKING ▻▻ Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to ...


How to convert and install a old trashed DTV satellite dish to a FTA Dish
Description This DIY video shows how I convert "old" trashed DTV Satellite dishes for FTA hobby use. Also, the quick way to install a Satellite Dish Pole.


Squirrel fills Antenna with Acorns
Not actually a squirrel...Microwave antenna filled with acorns by suspected Woodpecker.


Dish Satellite Antenna Options
View Our Selection of Dish Satellite Antennas: Save with a Satellite Bundle: ...


How the Massive ALMA Antennas Move in Perfect Unison
For all 66 ALMA antennas to move in exact unison, the precision of the dish surface must be less than the width of a strand of hair. Witnessing them whirl in the ...


Wifi antenna booster dish
Making a reflector dish to make a wifi antenna directional for more antenna gain. Much better than a pringles can!


Dish Antennas for sale on Amazon UK

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