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What is a DSP? Why you need a Digital Signal Processor for Car Audio
What is a DSP? A digital signal processor allows you to independently control many different aspects of each speaker within your custom car audio system.


Choosing a Car Audio Processor
FREE Soundman tablet dash kits and shirts Follow ME on Instagram @SoundmanCA In this ...


AudioControl DM-810 DSP - INSTALL & OVERVIEW
When you require total control and optimization to achieve great sound quality, AudioControl's DM-810 Processor is the solution. Let's take a look at how to ...


AudioControl New Hi-Res Digital Signal Processors (DSP) | DM-608 & DM810 | Car Audio | CES 2016
This year AudioControl debuts two brand new DSPs, the DM-608 and the DM-810. These units give you 6-8 channels of RCA input and 8-10 channels of RCA ...


What Is A Bass Processor and How Do I Wire It? | Car Audio Q & A
Watch as Brendan and Allyn answer a few questions about sound processors! They will use the NVX XBBR explain what Bass Restoration Sound Processors do ...


What is DSP? Why do you need it?
Check out all our products with DSP: SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow us on- Twitter: ...


Guide To Mixing - Signal Processors
How to use Signal processors in your mix.


Lexicon MC-10 Home Theater Processor
READ OUR REVIEW: BUY NOW: Lexicon MC-10 Home Theater Processor: The MC10 is designed to be part of a ...


Bryston SP4 Surround Processor for Home Theaters Explained by
Https:// The Bryston SP4 Surround Processor explained by Gary Dayton of Bryston and Drew Baird, ...


8 Best Vocal Processors 2018
UPDATED RANKING ▻▻ Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to go to to see ...


Digital Sound Processors for sale on Amazon UK

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