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What is a DSP? Why you need a Digital Signal Processor for Car Audio
What is a DSP? A digital signal processor allows you to independently control many different aspects of each speaker within your custom car audio system.


Guide To Mixing - Signal Processors
How to use Signal processors in your mix.


Restore your Bass! AudioControl's Epicenter Bass Restoration Processor
Many times during the music recording process bass will be removed. MP3 players are designed to play music through small headphones that cannot handle ...


AudioControl New Hi-Res Digital Signal Processors (DSP) | DM-608 & DM810 | Car Audio | CES 2016
This year AudioControl debuts two brand new DSPs, the DM-608 and the DM-810. These units give you 6-8 channels of RCA input and 8-10 channels of RCA ...


Genius Audio Hands On Review of their Digital Signal Processors
A very long review of the Genius Audio DSP units. I tried to trim it down but to really show everything these units can do you have to put in the time. I was more ...


Behringer X32 Digital Console Effects Overview - Sweetwater Sound
Phil Gates, Product Specialist for Behringer, gives a comprehensive overview of the built-in effects processors on the Behringer X32 digital mixing console ...


Behringer X32 Core Digital Mixer/Processor Demo - Sweetwater Sound
Get the Behringer X32 Core at Sweetwater here: John DiNicola, Product Specialist for Behringer, presents the ...


Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor Review
Check out the full specs and purchase the Boss GT-1000 here: - Delivering unmatched sound quality and musical expression, the GT-1000 ...


Alesis Midiverb 4 - 24bit Signal Processor
For further info on me and my studio please visit -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...


Galaxy Audio's D-Spot Digital Signal Processors - InfoCommTVnews2014
Galaxy Audio's D-Spot Digital Signal Processors allow users to manage and clarify the sound produced by speakers in fixed installations and live sound ...


Digital Sound Processors for sale on Amazon USA


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