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Digital Mixers 101 : PSSL Explains Basics About Digital Mixers
This is an informative video on digital mixers. PSSL goes over pros & cons of owning and using a digital mixer. For more information please visit ...


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Yamaha TF Series Digital Mixers
Guitar Center's Product Spotlight provides a comprehensive overview of the Yamaha TF Series of Digital Mixers. Based around an intuitive multi-touch screen ...


TOP 6: Best Audio Mixers 2018
Best 6 Audio Mixers 2018 1. Mackie PROFX22V2 - 2. Zoom LiveTrak L-12 - 3. Behringer Xenyx 802 ...


Top 5 World best digital sound mixers nd brands
1.Soundcraft 2.Allen&health 3.Yamaha 4.Mackie 5.Midas.


Digital Mixers: A Hands On Comparison of Behringer Soundcraft PreSonus and Roland
A professional live sound engineer compares 4 digital mixers in a working environment. The Behringer X32, Soundcraft's Si Expression, PreSonus' StudioLive, ...


Best digital mixer for big home recording studio? The stupidity of pro audio industry!
In this LONG BORING VIDEO we will walk trough the choices around middle class digital mixers. The stupidity of pro audio industry? Insomnia dilemmatitis ...


Behringer XR18 X Air Digital Mixer Review
Get the Behringer XR18 X Air mixer here: ...


Allen & Heath QU-16 Digital Mixer Overview
Alex from Allen & Heath talks us through the features of the QU-16, describing the main functions of the desk in some detail, and demonstrating how easy it is to ...


QSC TouchMix-16 Digital Mixer Overview - Sweetwater Sound
Get the TouchMix-16 here: Gerry Tschetter from QSC Audio presents the TouchMix-16 digital mixer with ...


Digital Mixers for sale on Amazon UK

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