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Davis & Sanford Provista 7518 Tripod with FM18 Head Review
This is the Davis and Sanford Provista 7518 tripod with FM18 fluid head which I've been using over the last year throughout all of my videos. It's a well priced ...


Davis and Sanford Provista 7518B Tripod with FM18 Fluid Head Review
This is a quick review of the Davis and Sanford (owned by Tiffen) Provista 7518B tripod with FM18 fluid head. I love it so far, though anything is better than the ...


Tiffen Davis & Sanford Traverse TR-553-228 Super Compact Tripod with Ball Head Review @Tiffentweets
Youtube Community Discord Server - Product GIVEAWAYS every month on the Discord Channel for a discussion area of The Chris Voss Show Channel. Join up ...


4 Years Later Review of My Favorite Tripod
This is a tripod review of a set of sticks I've had for over 4 years! In this video I share my thoughts and talk about why this tripod is still one of my favorites. Davis ...


Davis and Sanford FM18 head problem
The Davis & Sanford Provista FM18 head is a great budget video tripod head but it does have one weak spot in an otherwise heavy duty design. Check out my ...


Davis and Sanford Provista 7518XB Tripod Unboxing and Test
Purchase this tripod on Amazon: This is an unboxing and first look at the Davis and Sanford Provista 7518B tripod. I bought ...


Best video tripods for under $100 and $200 dollars!
In this video I will discuss the differences between two tripods that I own, the Davis & Sanford Provista 18 and the Magnus VT-350. The Davis Tripod is around ...


Review of Davis and Sanford Pro Vista Airlift tripod with FM18 head
Davis and Sanford Pro Vista Airlift Tripod with fm 18 fluid head - video review I hate buying stuff online and trying to figure out how things work based on vague ...


Davis & Sanford 7518 Tripod Review
This is a review of the Davis & Sanford 7518B Tripod with the FM18 fluid tripod head. We do a bunch of videos like this to help the new film makers out there on ...


Davis and Sanford Tripod
Entry for video contest: B&H Unboxing Contest.


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