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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet: Unboxing and Review
Detailed unboxing and walkthrough of the 7" Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble. MSRP: $249 CPU: 1GHZ (Dual Core) RAM: 1GB Storage: 16GB (+MircoSD) ...


Barnes & Noble Nook: Unboxing and Demo
In this video I unbox and take a detailed look at the features of the Barnes and Noble Nook electronic reader. Nook Tech Specs: ...


Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ Unboxing
In this Good e-Reader Unboxing Video, we check out the Nook HD+! This is their first 8.9 inch tablet that rivals the iPad and Kindle Fire HD 8.9! It brings cutting ...


Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet 10.1" (2018) Full Review
Hi there! It's finally time for my full review on the new Barnes and Noble NOOK Tablet 10.1". This one took me a while to get done, so let's go! Release Date: ...


Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet and Nook Color Comparison
In this exclusive video we run down the differences between the new Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet and the Nook Color! Thinking of upgrading your device?


NOOK Color Hard Reset (if You Forgot Password)
How to hard reset a BARNES & NOBLE password locked Nook Color If you have locked your Nook Color and can't remember the password this video will show ...


Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet review
Joanna Stern reviews the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. Read Joanna's full review here: ...


Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet Unboxing : 7 inch and 10 inch
Buy it at Barnes and Noble - (affiliate link) - Barnes and Noble's Nook tablets cost about the same as their Amazon Fire competitors but run an ...


2019 NOOK Tablet 7" 16GB - Running Android Oreo GO!
In this video I take a look at the all-new Barens and Noble NOOK 7” 16GB AndroidTablet running Android Oreo 8.1 Go Edition. Is it worth $50? Buy one here: ...


Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet (8GB)
The latest Nook costs the same as the Kindle Fire and has the same amount of storage, but also comes with an expandable microSD card slot.


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