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Why People HATE The BaoFeng Ham Radio!
I have created what I think are some very informative videos on the BaoFeng family of radios here on YouTube. I get comments on these videos daily and its ...


Which BaoFeng Radio Should I Buy, Are There Better Options?!? | HAM Radio Crash Course!
One of the most requested videos requests I get is on comparing one or more BaoFeng radios to another for purchasing recommendations. On the stream I will ...


Baofeng UV-5R Radios Illegal? The Real Story - Ham Radio Q&A
The Baofeng UV-5R Radio, just about every ham active on VHF/UHF has one. With a purchase price of around $30, you get a lot for your money. But on August ...


Should You Get a Baofeng HAM Radio? - TheSmokinApe
Just a quick video where I discuss one of the questions that I get asked the most from viewers, this video is more of a VLOG format than a review or how to video.


BaoFeng F8HP - A Radio for the Backcountry
See more videos here: Support my videos here: And find Kit Badger products here: ...


Thinking of buying a Chinese radio/Baofeng? Watch this first!
This video is for anyone who is looking at buying cheap radios like those made by Baofeng from China. Programming cheap Chinese radios video, ...


Can You Listen To Aircraft On A Baofeng?
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Baofeng T1 Review Part 2 - Long Range Test 72 Miles!
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Baofeng 888S UHF Radio Field Test and Power Test
Field test of the ultra cheap Baofeng UHF 16 channel radio the BF888S, a super cheap durable radio thats easily programmed with chirp software, see the radio ...


Baofeng BF 888s Two Way Radio Review
16 channels, voice prompt, VOX. Additional batteries available meaning you can use and have spare on charge. Amazon Link: Prime ...


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