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ASK AN ENGINEER 3/20/19 LIVE! @adafruit #adafruit #AskAnEngineer
Multistreaming with Visit the Adafruit shop online - ----------------------------------------- LIVE CHAT IS HERE!


New Products 3/13/19 Featuring #Adafruit #HUZZAH32 – #ESP32 Breakout Board! @adafruit
Pimoroni Inky wHAT (ePaper/eInk/EPD) - Black/White (0:11) ...


Limor Fried, Founder & CEO, Adafruit Industries | MAKERS Electronics. Companies. Movements. Limor Fried can build anything. In fact, the MIT graduate loves sharing her ideas and the tools for ...


PyPortal Wall Mount @adafruit #CircuitPython #3DPrinting
This is a 3D printed wall mount for the PyPortal. The two part design features a hanging setup so it can be docked and undock. The mounting bracket can be ...


SHOW AND TELL LIVE! 3/20/19 #showandtell @adafruit #adafruit
To show and share your project at 7:30pm today, view the chat here or in discord and look for the JOIN link to join the Google Hangout On ...


New Products 2/27/19 Featuring #Adafruit #PyPortal! @adafruit
Potentiometer with Built In Knob - 10K ohm (0:08) ...


New Products 3/6/19 Featuring Adafruit #GPIO Expander #Bonnet! @adafruit #adafruit
Adafruit ADXL343 + ADT7410 Sensor FeatherWing (0:14) ...


All About Electroluminescent Materials - EL Wire, EL Tape, EL Panel! #Adafruit
Browse Adafruit's extensive catalog of EL materials and supplies! Get inspiration for your next EL project with the guides on ...


Introducing the Adafruit TRINKET
Http:// Trinket may be small, but do not be fooled by its size! It's a tiny microcontroller board, built around the Atmel ATtiny85, a little chip ...


Collin's Lab: Soldering
Learn the basics of soldering from Collin Cunningham! Adafruit guide to excellent soldering: Entry ...


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