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5 Tips for Beginners in DIY Wearables
Costume switches and triggers: FLORA vs GEMMA: Battery powering your wearables: ...


2015 Wearable Electronics Favorites
Check out all the wearables 2015 had to offer at Adafruit! Shop for parts for your own DIY ...


Circuit Playground Wearable #3DPrinting
Circuit Playground is our new all-in-one board aimed towards education and beginners. It's a great a way to practice programming on real hardware with no ...


How To Sew the Perfect NeoPixel Circuit
Becky Stern shows you how to sew a chain of NeoPixels using FLORA or GEMMA microcontroller to make your own wearable electronics projects. Full guide: ...


Introducing GEMMA - Tiny Wearable Microcontroller from Adafruit
Http:// ----------------------------------------- Subscribe to Adafruit on YouTube: Join our weekly Show & Tell on G+ ...


Firewalker LED Sneakers #Adafruit
Light up your stride! Mod a pair of high-tops with NeoPixel strip and FLORA, Adafruit's wearable electronics platform. Becky Stern and Phillip Burgess show you ...


Battery Powering Your Wearable Electronics
Becky Stern gives you tips for choosing the perfect battery solution for your wearable electronics projects: ...


DIY Glass - Wearable Video Display
Make your own Google Glass-like wearable video display with a Raspberry Pi If you missed your chance to buy a Google Glass, try this project. You can hack ...


.@RealSexyCyborg make wearables more wearable with Tegaderm @adafruit #adafruit
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We bring you mooncakes and a special guest video from @RealSexyCyborg (imgur & Twitter ...


Sheikah Jewelry with GEMMA M0 and NeoPixel
In this project, we've built a Legend of Zelda themed pendant using GEMMA M0 and a NeoPixel Jewel. Click for links and info!


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